Back in April, as part of an announcement that we were expanding our Lenoir, N.C. data center, our electricity provider Duke Energy committed to developing a new program to enable companies to buy renewable energy directly from the utility. At the time we also published a white paper explaining why we think this is important.

Since then, we and others have been providing input on the development of a pilot program, which will officially be called the Green Source Rider. We’re pleased to report that Duke just filed their proposal for the Rider with the North Carolina Public Utilities Commission (NCUC) for approval. While the Rider still needs to be vetted by stakeholders and approved by the NCUC, we applaud Duke for developing a new option for customers to green their power supplies in North Carolina.

Our long-term goal is to power our data centers with 100% renewable energy, and we look forward to working with Duke and others to find cost-effective renewable energy options that can be offered under the Green Source Rider. It’s our hope that this effort will encourage additional development of clean energy in North Carolina and elsewhere for growing companies like Google.